FreeBSD and Half Life

Set up a Counter Strike server today on a spare PIII machine we had going (it just got replaced by a dedicated ADSL modem/router), decided to have a go with FreeBSD to see what it's like. Went for the 5.1 (cutting edge) version rather than the 4.8 (stab… more »

Damn M$

And it turns out IE totally messes everything up because it doesn't have proper support for the PNG format. The images just appear black... Please, please go and sign Proper PNG Support for IE Petition, not that it'll help much, we'll have to design fo… more »

The design takes shape

Started work on the home page of this site today. I wanted it to be standards compliant, of course, but also wanted to try building something entirely with Open Source Software, rather than leaning heavily on Photshop and Dreamweaver like I normally do.… more »

Linux on a PDA

Bought a reconditioned Sharp Zaurus 5500 before the weekend. It had to be a reconditioned one because they've apparently discontinued the model, it's been replaced by the 5600 in the US (more memory, faster processor) but everyone seems uncertain if/whe… more »

Fun with fonts

Added some new fonts to my Red Hat 9.0 machine (this fuelled by installing version 1.0 of Scribus). Turns out to be quite simple (the documentation was a great help) - I searched for my existing TrueType fonts and found them in /etc/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/… more »

Adventures in stylesheets (or how I wasted a day at work and loved it)

Having recently got my company's new website uploaded (finally - eventually I just uploaded and went on holiday), we discovered a problem with printing. The new design looks very nice at 1024x768, menu/text/pictures all well balanced. However, when you… more »


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