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Update: Features for Font Fanatics

Some time ago I wrote a blog post Firefox 4.0 Features for Font Fanatics. Since that time the spec has evolved and support has arrived in Chrome and IE10 so I thought it was worth an update. Here's the example CSS rule from the original post: I've… more »

IE10 and the Future of CSS Layout

Last week the first developer preview of IE10 was released. Among several experimental features included were the first Microsoft implementations of CSS3 Flexible Box Layout Module and CSS3 Grid Alignment. These are possibly the most exciting things to… more »

Fun with HTML5 Forms

Within a few short months, about 40% of web users will have support for HTML5 Forms. The greater part of Firefox 4.0's HTML5 forms support landed in the nightlies over the weekend. This means that every major browser outside of IE now has some support… more »

Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 - 50% Off Until 16th December

Buy early access to my book Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 and get a 50% discount for the next month with the code html550. Coming soon will be the chapter on HTML5 Forms, which should be pretty useful for getting up to speed in time for the release of Firefox 4… more »

Firefox 4.0 Features for Font Fanatics more »

Adventures in Web 3.0: Part 5 - The HTML5 Canvas Element… more »

Real World CSS 3

I've done a number of posts recently on new features coming in CSS level 3. These posts have mostly been based on features available in current builds of Safari and Chrome and the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release so, while they may be useful if you're produ… more »
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