The design takes shape

Started work on the home page of this site today. I wanted it to be standards compliant, of course, but also wanted to try building something entirely with Open Source Software, rather than leaning heavily on Photshop and Dreamweaver like I normally do.

I created some images using The Gimp, a logo and repeating backgrounds to extend the logo to the top and bottom of the page. I then started coding the HTML and CSS in SciTE, which has code highlighting but not much else in the way of support. It turned out the most difficult thing was getting a <div> to extend to the height of the page, after much searching around I discovered that the easiest way of doing this was simply to stick the background image on the body element instead, and then hide it using white backgrounds on the other two elements. Also had some fun and games trying to persuade the logo <div> to remove a strange 5 pixel border it insisted on putting in, eventually set the <div> to be the same height as the image and all was well. View the results of my labours at

Tomorrow I may well get around to adding some content...