Linux on a PDA

Bought a reconditioned Sharp Zaurus 5500 before the weekend. It had to be a reconditioned one because they've apparently discontinued the model, it's been replaced by the 5600 in the US (more memory, faster processor) but everyone seems uncertain if/when it will be released in the UK. Given that the credit limit extension on my card would just get spent on something else otherwise, and I wasn't brave enough to order direct from the States, I settled for a reconditioned 5500 from Expansys.

So far it's been quite interesting, the file system is a good deal more complicated than a PocketPC device (and even a standard Linux install), but at least you can install Bash and look at it all properly :)

Managed to sync it with Outlook tonight, will be trying to get Qtopia installed on my RH9 system in the near future. One thing I will complain about is the eBook readers - Microsoft Reader on PocketPC is very nice, feels like reading a book with page numbers and nice anti-aliased fonts and everything (and it was free), but the best I've found for the Zaurus is the Sharp eBook Reader, which costs £30. I managed to convert some books to zTxt format but they just display as one long document, without paragraph or page breaks, which is a bit uncomfortable to read. You can at least make bookmarks, which is the only thing holding me back, at the moment, from just switching to HTML and viewing everything in the Opera browser instead.