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Mono, Linux and .Net

Having done quite a bit of work with Micro$oft'$ .Net framework at work in the last few weeks I was intrigued by the recent announcement from Ximian/Novell of the 1.0 release of Mono, the open source re-implementation of .Net. I downloaded all the RPMs… more »


Finally got ALSA configured on my FC1 install (third time lucky). Spent some more time messing about with it this afternoon (after downloading yet another new kernel for FC1), downloaded the latest packages and all, found this forum thread very useful. more »

Fedora Core 1

Downloaded the three ISOs over Thursday and Friday. Upgraded my machine at work (RH9.0, recent install) without any problems, apart from it downgrading Mozilla to 1.4.1. Decided to upgrade my home machine last night, two hours later I had a machine whi… more »

Fun with fonts

Added some new fonts to my Red Hat 9.0 machine (this fuelled by installing version 1.0 of Scribus). Turns out to be quite simple (the documentation was a great help) - I searched for my existing TrueType fonts and found them in /etc/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/… more »
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