Fedora Core 1

Downloaded the three ISOs over Thursday and Friday. Upgraded my machine at work (RH9.0, recent install) without any problems, apart from it downgrading Mozilla to 1.4.1. Decided to upgrade my home machine last night, two hours later I had a machine which insisted in booting in KDE instead of Gnome and refused to run OpenOffice. Since this is also the machine I once deleted the entire /lib folder on (upgrading from RH8.0 to RH9.0 had been the method I'd found to repair this damage) I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Learned how to make ISOs and write them to disk using the shell ('mkisofs' and 'cdrecord' - so easy!), backed up the transient content of my /home folder and did a full re-install. Twelve hours later I'm reasonably happy - Gnome was the only desktop I installed this time, OpenOffice now works fine, got nearly everything else re-installed (still to do: mp3 support and java), and many things that never worked properly before now work just fine (network browsing, printing). Have some problem with getting plugins to work in Mozilla, but that's it.