Mono, Linux and .Net

Having done quite a bit of work with Micro$oft'$ .Net framework at work in the last few weeks I was intrigued by the recent announcement from Ximian/Novell of the 1.0 release of Mono, the open source re-implementation of .Net. I downloaded all the RPMs and gave it a go on both the Red Hat 9 server at work and my Fedora Core 2 box at home. It took a lot of fiddling about, not least because there have been several contradictory iterations of installation instructions for mod_mono (the module which lets you serve ASP.NET pages through Apache), but after a few hours of fiddling about I managed to get the XSP demo pages working on both machines. I've yet to try it with 'production' ASP.NET pages, but it all looks good.

On the desktop version I also installed MonoDevelop, the Mono IDE based on the open source #Develop, yet to have a proper go with it but it looks nice :)