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Links for February 28th

The Seven Deadly Sins Of JavaScript Implementation - Smashing Magazine - JavaScript development has changed a lot in recent years but the rules for solid, maintainable and secure JavaScript haven’t. Christian runs through the seven sins of JavaScript d… more »

Links for February 21st

What Web Designers need to know about EPUB | Nimbupani Designs - With the rise of eBook readers, take the opportunity to diversify while taking advantage of your existing markup skills.Tags: HTML; Books;  Track down your stolen laptop – Prey - Use y… more »

London Web Meetup: Accessibility in the Days of jQuery, Flash and AJAX

Review: London Web February: Accessibility in the Days of jQuery, Flash and AJAX at Wahoo Sports Bar, 14 Putney High St, Putney, London, SW15 1SL 19:30 to 21:30Another excellent event, 5 out of 5, I'll be watching out for the next one.Technorati… more »

London Web Standards: Inclusivity with Sandi Wassmer

Review: LWS February: Move over Web Accessibility, inclusivity is heading straight at you! at The Square Pig, 30 - 32 Procter Street, Holborn, London, WC1V 6NX 19:00 to 20:30I'm always interested to learn more about accessibility so, after I enjoyed… more »

Links for February 14th

Extended Date Time Format (Library of Congress) - There is no standard date/time format that meets the needs of various well-known XML metadata schemas, this website describes the current effort to define an extended date/time definition.Tags: XML; Stand… more »

Real World CSS 3

I've done a number of posts recently on new features coming in CSS level 3. These posts have mostly been based on features available in current builds of Safari and Chrome and the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release so, while they may be useful if you're produ… more »

Links for February 7th

adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » Analytics – The Usability Lab of the new decade - If you're not using analytics for usability studies, why not? Also contains links to a number of other useful tools.Tags: BlogPost; Usability; Tools;  Ludamix… more »