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HTML5 in Action is the Manning Deal of the Day!

Half off my book HTML5 in Action. Use code dotd0409au at If you want to ask questions about the book, or anything to do with HTML5, Java Ranch have a companion promotion this week. more »

Hello! HTML5 and CSS3

If my blog posting has seemed somewhat sporadic over the last few months, I now present my excuse :) No need to post any feedback here, go to the forum instead. more »


I was reading an article on text visualisation and came across this site. Very cool B) I've not completed a real blog post in a while - there are plenty sitting both in draft status and in my head, I'm sure I'll get to them eventually. more »

Write 'uʍop ǝpısdn'

Neat trick (so long as whatever you're using to view this supports Unicode, and your font has full support for all the possible characters) - a little utility which translates each character of the input text, using a symbol lookup table, to a character… more »

Books Every Programmer Should Read

Shane Sherman has had an excellent idea:...this led me to thinking about a way to allow everyone to pick their top 5 programming books they think every programmer should read, and aggregate the results and make some sort of master list of the best books.… more »

Google Accessible Search

A bit of Google day here in the Boog Link Blog. Discovered this earlier in the week. I was quite pleased to find that, mostly, pages I've been involved with do better on the accessibility search than they do on standard Google - my employer's website c… more »

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Also on the front page, but I couldn't figure out a permalink. Warning, language is not work safe :) Edit: The link broke, so I've uploaded my own copy. more »

Dot Rob Dot Com

This is my 'personal' website, to replace my now defunct site on Geocities (thank you Yahoo! for terminating my paid for account and refusing to tell me why...). Not much there except for a bunch of philosophy essays I wrote a few years ago for some eve… more »

I was shown this site at the London Web Frameworks Night - it is built on Django and is the 'Youth culture' site of Lawrence local newspaper. Aside from being an interesting example of a web framework in action, it also features many MP3s uploaded by ma… more »

What's the time?

Nothing too clever, find out what the time is (to within less than a second) and view a nice map showing where the daylight seperator is (requires java plugin). more »

The Generator Blog

Hours and hours of (nerdy) fun. :) more »
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