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Links for July 26th

CSS Colors: Take Control Using PHP - Use PHP to generate your CSS, which allows a number of refinements - variable names for colour schemes and automatic generation of palettes from base colours.Tags: PHP; CSS; Colour; Tools;  Color Palette Generato… more »

Links for July 19th

What's Wrong With Copy Protection - An excellent essay on why allowing corporations to limit our freedoms through technology is a bad thing.Tags: Essay; Politics; Economics; Freedom; Community;  Activating Browser Modes with Doctype - A complete ref… more »

Links for July 12th

A List Apart: Articles: Introduction to RDFa II - Second in an introductory series on RDFa from Mark Birkbeck.Tags: BlogPost; SemanticWeb; RDFa;  FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts - Online font creation tool, download as TTF.Tags: Typography… more »

Links for July 5th

HTML5 Drum Kit | RandomThink Labs - Tags: HTML5; Javascript; Music;  appscale - Google Code - Open source but compatible alternative to Google AppEngine.Tags: Web; Development; Cloud; AppEngine;  html5doctor, helping you implement html5 today -… more »

Adventures in Web 3.0: Part 2 - CSS 3

Some time ago I wrote a post about my initial experiments with HTML 5. At the time I envisaged a series of posts as I explored new and future web technologies, so far it's been a series of length one :) But after Standards Next last weekend I've been i… more »