Archives for: "December 2004"

WinForms in Mono

Interesting stuff from Charlie Calvert of the Borland Developer Network. more »

SMP Kernel = No keyboard!

I have come across a strange problem on my WBEL system (dual PIII, 2Gb Ram, 2.4.21-27smp kernel, all latest patches). When I boot it up I can use the keyboard to select in Grub, I can use the keyboard while booting to 'press Y to force filesystem check'… more »

Enlightenment and GDM for Gnome 2.8

I installed some new window managers to play around with on my Ubuntu laptop, the nice thing about having access to the Debian repositories is that there's a package for just about everything available for download. XFCE was fine, set itself up so that… more »

KDE 3.3 on SuSE 9.1

I'd seen the KDE 3.3 RPMs on the SuSE website a few weeks ago, I'd figured to upgrade to SuSE 9.2 and get it installed then but it seems that 9.2 doesn't offer too much over 9.1 so I thought I'd stick with my current version and update KDE manually. I d… more »