SuSE and Ubuntu

In the last ten days I've been trying some different linux distros. First of all at work we needed to investigate the possibility of porting our .Net app to Mono. Since I'd recently received the 'Novell Linux Technical Resource Kit' containing a SuSE 9… more »


Only discovered a few weeks ago that an update to b2 was available in the form of b2evo, and so now you're looking at it! It's a good deal more complex than the original b2, allowing for multiple blogs and having some CMS features, and I've not really g… more »

Mono, Linux and .Net

Having done quite a bit of work with Micro$oft'$ .Net framework at work in the last few weeks I was intrigued by the recent announcement from Ximian/Novell of the 1.0 release of Mono, the open source re-implementation of .Net. I downloaded all the RPMs… more »

Web Site Designing Web Sites

I found Strange Banana some time ago, but I've recently discovered CSS Creator which not only creates CSS to your specifications but also has neat features like hiding side columns for 'media print'. more »

The Way Forward with Web Standards

An interesting article for techie types, and another article you can show to your boss to explain why you ought to be doing all the stuff in the first article :) more »

Well, it's been a while...

More than two months since I made a post, thought it was about time. In the last two months I have mostly been messing around with PHP and MySQL, trying to get a protected re-seller area up and running on the work website and, more recently, converting… more »


Finally got ALSA configured on my FC1 install (third time lucky). Spent some more time messing about with it this afternoon (after downloading yet another new kernel for FC1), downloaded the latest packages and all, found this forum thread very useful. more »