Cups-PDF on Fedora Core 3

I discovered Cups PDF today, it is a 'virtual printer' which allows you to create PDF documents by printing which can then be shared throughout the network, in much the same way as Acrobat does on Windows. This is something I'd tried to achieve before,… more »

Samba, SMB Master Browsers and IPTables

I recently discovered the source of an intermittent problem I was experiencing on the network at home. When browsing the SMB network my PC would timeout and not find any other servers, though trying to go directly to those servers would succeed. I thou… more »

Trying again with Gentoo

Since both my laptop and my 'spare' laptop were running the same distro (Ubuntu) I decided there wasn't enough variety in my life so I've installed Gentoo again, this time on the 'spare'. The documentation is still excellent but a few steps were missing… more »

SMP Kernel = No keyboard!

I have come across a strange problem on my WBEL system (dual PIII, 2Gb Ram, 2.4.21-27smp kernel, all latest patches). When I boot it up I can use the keyboard to select in Grub, I can use the keyboard while booting to 'press Y to force filesystem check'… more »

Enlightenment and GDM for Gnome 2.8

I installed some new window managers to play around with on my Ubuntu laptop, the nice thing about having access to the Debian repositories is that there's a package for just about everything available for download. XFCE was fine, set itself up so that… more »

KDE 3.3 on SuSE 9.1

I'd seen the KDE 3.3 RPMs on the SuSE website a few weeks ago, I'd figured to upgrade to SuSE 9.2 and get it installed then but it seems that 9.2 doesn't offer too much over 9.1 so I thought I'd stick with my current version and update KDE manually. I d… more »

Ubuntu replaces Gentoo

I've given up on Gentoo for now, more due to my struggles with the default configuration for Gnome than anything else (gconf schemas up the spout after I changed the X keyboard). Since I was taking the laptop on holiday I wanted something which required… more »