Is your markup POSH?

Much like the cool name AJAX made DHTML seem sexy again, the standardista blogosphere has recently started pushing POSH as a new umbrella term for semantic markup good practice. I'm here to do my part to add what little weight I can to the meme. Not… more »

Mugshot 1.1.40 on SuSE 10.1

Previously I produced an RPM for Mugshot 1.1.37-1 for SuSE 10.1. There's been a new release, 1.1.40, so I've built a new RPM (and here's the updated spec file). As before, you'll probably have better luck if you right click and 'save as'. more »

Learning and Knowing

After yesterday's post - which I will summarise as "look how much I still have left to learn" - I wasn't really satisfied with the ending. You can tell I wasn't because I added a further ending in a comment later on, but I still had the feeling that I h… more »

Rob discovers his Javascript inadequacies, chapter 442

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who's given this blog a cursory glance, but today I once again tripped over yet another hole in my JS knowledge. At work I maintain several web applications for booking meeting rooms, because one of the mai… more »

Unobtrusive Javascript, Opera, <body onload= and window.onload

I was working on updating the design of one of the websites at work yesterday, the design was based on our stand at a recent exhibition and I had some cunning plans with regard to animating the page with unobtrusive javascript. The 'panel' on the right… more »

Mugshot 1.1.37-1 on SuSE 10.1

Having configured my Mugshot account yesterday to link up with my various other accounts, I figured I'd try and get the stacker running on my laptop too. My laptop is running SuSE 10.1, for which there are no official RPMs available. Celso Pinto has… more »

WSG London Accessibility Meetup

With my increasing interest in accessibility issues I signed up for the WSG London Accessibility Meetup as soon as I heard about it. I can't remember anything else I've tried to learn where I've had my preconceptions (misconceptions really) shattered on… more »