Mugshot 1.1.37-1 on SuSE 10.1

Having configured my Mugshot account yesterday to link up with my various other accounts, I figured I'd try and get the stacker running on my laptop too.

My laptop is running SuSE 10.1, for which there are no official RPMs available. Celso Pinto has built some SuSE RPMs, but they're now several versions out of date, so I tried to build the latest version (1.1.37-1) using his spec file.

There were a number of bumps along the way (needed to install mozilla-xulrunner180-devel, needed to pass the correct gecko-sdk paths to configure, needed to install gnutls-devel and then wasted a couple of hours using an older version of the spec file so rpmbuild kept falling over with File must begin with "/" errors), but in the end - triumph!

Here's a SuSE i586 Mugsgot RPM (right click and save as, can't seem to get the mime type for x-redhat-package-manager working I'm afraid) and my modified spec file. Enjoy :)
Update: a newer version is available