Xara Xtreme

I discovered Xara Xtreme the other day. Xara have apparently open sourced their code for the windows version and members of the Linux community have taken the code and run with it. It is now a very fast (it runs well even on my creaky old laptop) and very useable vector graphics editor available for most recent Linux builds (I was able to find it in Fedora Extras, the Gentoo Sunrise overlay, and also had no problem getting it working on SuSE from the bz2 archive). Here is a screenshot of it in action (click for full size image):

Xara Xtreme Screenshot

I had a quick play around, using the vector drawing tools, merging shapes and then applying the rather neat transparency effects. You can export to all the standard web formats, I created PNGs and then loaded them back in to scale them as GIFs for the thumbnails (again, click for the full size image):

My First Graphic in Xara Extreme

Overall, a very useful tool which I think could become very popular among penguin heads for producing web graphics.