What's in a name?

The .name TLD is intended for use only by individuals, established in 2001 when it was decided there weren't enough domain names to go around. The fact that you've probably never heard of it, or .biz, or .pro, or the other four (.info, .aero, .coop and .museum) indicates the resounding lack of success these new TLDs have had.

Anyway, like I said, the .name domains are intended to be for individuals, so if your name is John Smith you are entitled to the john.smith.name domain (if you get in first, that is). I'm not the sort of person to be put off just because something is unpopular, so now I am the proud owner of rob.crowther.name :) There's no actual website there, at the moment it just redirects to my CV, but there is a blog to add to my collection.