Top 7 Blog Mistakes to Avoid

An interesting article from David Airey, and I'm always a sucker for this sort of thing :roll: I'm sure I've made far more than just seven mistakes, but I'll stick to his ones:

  • Mistake #1 - not using a self-hosted blog - never been a problem for me, since half the point of it has always been to mess around with the blogging software.
  • Mistake #2 - expecting people to visit - well I've never really expected people to visit this little blog, but the wider point here is that you've got to drive traffic to your blog by interacting with other bloggers as well as the readers of your blog - good advice.
  • Mistake #3 - not writing as if I’m talking - I think what he meant to say here was 'not writing as if I'm conversing', the point being that your blog posts should invite people to respond rather than attempt to intimidate them with your superior knowledge. At this juncture I think I ought to point out, if ever you read anything on this blog where it sounds like I'm trying to initimidate you with my knowledge, rest assured I'm almost certainly bluffing :)
  • Mistake #4 - changing the location of my blog - I think this isn't an issue so long as you've avoided mistake #1 and are able to deal with sitemaps and either mod_alias (redirect specific URLs with RedirectPermanent directives in your .htaccess, eg. from /blog/ to /) or mod_rewrite (use a regular expression to redirect with a bit more intelligence).
  • Mistake #5 - neglecting my article headlines - David's been reading the same blog writing blogs I have. This is still a trap I fall into - I have to fight my tendencies towards whimsical and abstract headlines. Witness the difference in views of Rob discovers his Javascript inadequacies, chapter 442 (88 views at time of writing) and Unobtrusive Javascript, Opera, <body onload= and window.onload (608 views) - both are short posts describing a javascript 'gotcha', but one has an abstract title while the other describes a specific problem.
  • Mistake # 6 - not linking to others as I’d like them to link to me - I would like to think I've always been a good netizen in this respect, but probably I'm guilty of the odd slip up. 'Do unto others' is always a good bit of advice in my opinion.
  • Mistake #7 - underestimating the time commitment - this is a funny one for me, because I think I'm fully aware of the time commitment required, which is one of the reasons why this blog went three weeks without an update this month - other things to do! (And more on those other things in later posts, I hope!)