Scrobbling with Audacious on Fedora Core 5

I've gotten quite into in recent weeks. It's a very well put together site, and can provide excellent background music once it's built up some opinion of your tastes.

I'd mostly been using it from my laptop and in my bedroom, both places where I currently have SuSE installed and run KDE, so I use Amarok which has a built in config screen for and will automatically notify every time you listen to a song (a process known as 'scrobbling').

Last week I booted up my 'main' PC which currently has FC5 running Gnome and on which I tend to use Audacious. I checked the config screens and discovered that it too had a place for putting in my details. Unfortunately, on the version which ships with FC5 (1.1) the plugin doesn't work, none of the tracks I listened to appeared on my profile :( A little googling indicated this was a known issue with the 1.1 version of Audacious, though it is fixed in version 1.2. Couldn't find any Audacious 1.2 RPMs for FC5, but I did find that FC6 ships with version 1.2. So I downloaded the SRPMs and, after some fannying around installing a raft of '-dev' libraries with Yum, I was able to successfully rpmbuild --rebuild audacious-1.2.2-1.fc6.src.rpm and then (after installing the RPMs output from that) rpmbuild --rebuild audacious-plugins-1.2.5-2.fc6.src.rpm (the plugins require the audacious dev package to already be installed before they'll build - I just installed the first lot with a --nodeps in the command). Now I can scrobble from Audacious in FC5 too :)