IE7 RC1 now available for download

Just in case you missed the announcement elsewhere (I did :) ) - IE7 RC1 was released last week. I've been playing around with the last two beta releases for testing purposes and it's a big improvement on IE6. Most of the hacks I've used with IE6 are not necessary for IE7, I can usually get away with using just the standard stylesheet without an extra IE one.

From the IE Blog:

I think we will make a lot of progress against that in IE7 through our goal of removing the worst painful bugs that make our platform difficult to use for web developers.

The things I like are:

What I don't like so far is the performance, but running beta software on a VMWare image is never going to be an accurate way to gauge release performance - usually software products get optimised for performance during the beta phase so things will improve there.

If you are a committed Internet Explorer user, please, please upgrade as soon as possible. If you don't want to use beta software then consider switching to a good browser instead &#59;)