Google Developer Day 2007

I spent today as a guest of Google, and I can highly recommend the experience - if nothing else it's worth it for the free lunch :) I'll do a more 'complete' post with reviews of all the talks I attended at the weekend, but for now I'll present some highlights:

  • "What's good for web developers is good for Google!"
  • Google Gears - enable your web apps for offline use in an incremental way
  • Google Maps Street View - photos integrated with maps, I'm sure I've seen this sort of thing before, but the real-time 3D-style interaction was very neat
  • Mapplets - presented as a 'meta mashup' technology, allowing you to mashup mashups, overlaying the results of several different mashups on the same map control

I also attended a session on the GData APIs and a very informative talk on developing web content for mobiles. I'm going to check out the video of the KML talk when I get the chance as, from what I heard about it in asides during other sessions, it seems like it could be really useful. Anyway, check out the videos for yourself, and I'll be back with further comment later...