Fedora Core 5

I am just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of one of the worst upgrades I've ever experienced. I downloaded the FC5 ISOs earlier in the week, in CD form because there was a server with only a CD drive I wanted to try installing it on, burnt them all to CD and rebooted. I ran the media check which discovered the first disk was faulty so I rebooted, reburned and checked again - this time it passed. I then went through the familiar Anaconda setup screens and selected my FC3 installation for upgrade. Everything seemed to be going fine until it hit a file that it couldn't read and I was given the options to retry or abort. After selecting retry a few times without any change I clicked on abort and it seemed like the installer just hung - except there was some very busy disk activity, so I let it carry on for half an hour before eventually giving up and rebooting.

I gave all the CDs a good polish and tried again - this time it got past the first disk and onto the second. A few hours later I was able to put the fourth CD in and everything was looking good until another unreadable file was found, retrying didn't work and when I hit abort this time the installer reported an error and quit. I decided I'd had enough of this upgrade and tried to reboot into my old system only to discover that the menu.lst file had already been replaced and all I could boot into now was Windows!

I spent some time trying to repair the situation with the boot disk in rescue mode but it soon became apparent the system was FUBAR beyond my capability to fix it, so I started to transfer all the files off so I could reformat and do a clean install. Meanwhile I started downloading the DVD ISO because at least I could leave that running overnight.

Next day after work I started again doing a clean install, I selected a fairly complete set of packages and set it running before going to bed. In the morning I was horrified to find that, once again, the DVD that passed the media check with no difficulties also contained an unreadable file, which also caused Anaconda to error out when I selected abort. So I attempted one more time, but this time chose a minimal Gnome setup - keeping the packages down to as few as possible - kicked it off and went to work. That evening saw success, of a sort, the minimal installation had worked and I was finally able to log in to FC5, it did look very nice but I'm not sure it was worth the wait! I then began the long process of downloading all the updates and all the other packages I'd tried to install in the first place - in about six hours time I'll have a useable system again.

Moral of the story - don't be tempted by shiny new things when your old stuff is working perfectly well...