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New Boog Design Home Page Features

I've just been updating the boogdesign home page so that it displays recent updates from the rest of the site. I used Magpie RSS rather than hacking around with databases, as I figured it would be easier to extend later and less code in the short term.… more »

Google goes after Exchange

Remember when Google signed a deal with Sun and everyone was talking about them trying to team up and steal the office software market from Microsoft? A year later, that's not yet happened, what has happened is that Google has launched an initiative to… more »

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

This looks way cool - the internet service platform of the future, IBM and their 'utility computing' can eat their hearts out. Get around the cost of dedicated hosting by renting machines, dynamically, as needed. It also seems to be really cheap compar… more »

IE7 RC1 now available for download

Just in case you missed the announcement elsewhere (I did :) ) - IE7 RC1 was released last week. I've been playing around with the last two beta releases for testing purposes and it's a big improvement on IE6. Most of the hacks I've used with IE6 are n… more »

A Guide to Semantic Markup

A very useful blog post, explaining semantic markup from a technical point of view. From a non-technical viewpoint it doesn't dwell overly on the key advantage - but if you don't read or understand (or care about) the rest of the article you should read… more »

Privacy flaw in IE and Firefox

If you're worried about websites knowing where else you've gone, then you need to make yourself aware of this. The technique is to put a bunch of links on your web page and then use a script to see if they trigger the specific style you've inserted for :… more »

5 HTML elements you probably never use (but perhaps should)

A very useful blog post, I'd never heard of the address tag or the q tag before. more »

Browser Re-size Bookmarklets

Was doing some layout stuff today and needed to check a page in IE at 800x600. I know there's a developer toolbar add in for IE but I generally try to avoid installing too much extra cruft in that browser, so I created some bookmarklets to resize for me… more »

Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Joel is usually quite entertaining and today he posted on a subject I've been devoting some research time to recently, Functional Programming: If your programming language requires you to use functors, you're not getting all the benefits of a modern p… more »

IE PNG Degradability

Found this today, tried it and it seems to work just fine. Not much good if you want to render the PNG on a patterned background (or on a variety of different background colours), but OK if you are just using PNG as generic GIF replacements. The additi… more »

Slayeroffice Favelet Suite

A handy set of tools which work as a set of bookmarks in Firefox. Not completely reliable, I've encountered some weird redirection behaviour and javascript errors, but when they do work they're very cool. more »
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