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Xara Xtreme

I discovered Xara Xtreme the other day. Xara have apparently open sourced their code for the windows version and members of the Linux community have taken the code and run with it. It is now a very fast (it runs well even on my creaky old laptop) and v… more »

Page creation from Yahoo! and Google

I've been playing around with the page creation tools on Google and Yahoo! today. This was mostly inspired by the fact that today is the first time (in about six months of trying) that I've managed to get into the Google Pages site without getting an er… more »

Accessibility with Fangs and display:none

I've been busy at work over the last few weeks with the re-design of the company website. The site is standards compliant, I've been fixing the markup to be semantically correct and replacing inline images with CSS backgrounds at appropriate places. On… more »

Link preview images

Found this interesting technique for adding preview images to your links, I had a play with it and found it to be fairly effective. Interestingly it does capture flash movies, which quite surprised me, unfortunately it doesn't capture PNGs which makes a… more »

Rails and the pngfix.js script

I've been doing some Ruby on Rails development in the last couple of weeks. I worked out my page design before hand, tested it in different browsers, and then encoded it into rhtml for the default application view so it would apply to all pages, and ver… more »

Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Having recently installed a few new extensions in Firefox I thought I might share my favourite ones: LiveHTTPHeaders Always nice to know exactly what content your server is pumping out, but this extension is really useful if you are trying to debug A… more »

Web Site Designing Web Sites

I found Strange Banana some time ago, but I've recently discovered CSS Creator which not only creates CSS to your specifications but also has neat features like hiding side columns for 'media print'. more »