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Fglrx API Error on SuSE 10

Noticed today that I wasn't getting accelerated 3D on my desktop. This was causing a number of problems, the most significant one being it stopped Wine working. I tried to investigate by running glxinfo but just got a stream of errors like: API ERRO… more »

SuSE and fglrx

Spent several hours trying to install the fglrx driver on my SuSE 10 machine last night. Followed this step by step guide as well as the one on the Novell site and finally the one from the ATI site before I finally figured out what the problem was - alt… more »

Upgrade to SuSE 9.2

Because it actually costs money to get the latest version of SuSE I'd decided I wouldn't bother updating it, just download updated versions of things I was interested in. I'd already manually upgraded to KDE 3.3 and found updated versions of some of my… more »

KDE 3.3 on SuSE 9.1

I'd seen the KDE 3.3 RPMs on the SuSE website a few weeks ago, I'd figured to upgrade to SuSE 9.2 and get it installed then but it seems that 9.2 doesn't offer too much over 9.1 so I thought I'd stick with my current version and update KDE manually. I d… more »

SuSE and Ubuntu

In the last ten days I've been trying some different linux distros. First of all at work we needed to investigate the possibility of porting our .Net app to Mono. Since I'd recently received the 'Novell Linux Technical Resource Kit' containing a SuSE 9… more »
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