Blog software update

I've finally gotten around to upgrading b2evolution to a v2.x series release. In my usual manner, it took the v3.0 alpha release to spur me out of my inactivity. The version I'd been using up until today was released in November 2007, so it really was about time. Now I'm on the latest stable release which I'm sure is faster and more secure :)

One of the reasons I held off upgrading for so long is that the skins system in v2 is incompatible with the v1 skins, and it looked like a lot of work to port my custom skin over. I figured I'd wait until the next full re-design of my site, when I'd need to do a new skin anyway, but that particular project is still well and truly on the back burner. I have got the basics of the skin implemented but several of the other modifications I previously had are now absent and I've not really figured out how the sidebar works yet - so things will be looking a little different for a few weeks.