Apple to move to Intel CPUs

Something of a shock to the Mac community - to the extent that most thought it a practical joke at first. Personally I don't like the sound of all this DRM hardware, though I'm fairly comfident someone will figure out how to subvert it within a few months of release (because after all, region locked DVD players - that was such a successful strategy, it's bound to work again if we just make the hardware more complicated...), but the interesting possibility this does raise is that you might end up being able to run Mac OS on commodity Intel hardware instead of Windows (or Linux). You're probably going to need some sort of DirectX emulation layer to run Windows games (like Cedaga on Linux), but this could happen fairly quickly for a commercial OS, and it may lead to games being written in a more cross platform manner to start off with (because it will be relatively little effort to be able to target a larger pool of users).