Accessibility Petition - The PM Responds

The Prime Minister (or at least, his staff) has responded to the accessibility petition I mentioned a few posts ago. It sounds a bit like empty rhetoric:

The Government is committed to ensuring that all government websites are accessible and easy to use for people with disabilities.

If the government were actually demonstrating this commitment, there wouldn't have been a petition in the first place. The response concludes with:

This strategy is to be implemented by DTI with support from OGC and eGU (now the Cabinet Office Delivery and Transformation Group). A cross-government review of the Digital Strategy is currently under way under the supervision of the DTI).

Since the DTI couldn't even commission their own website to meet the Government's accessibility standards, does it seem likely they'll be able to present a strategy for the rest of our government to do so? Conversely, maybe they now have more experience than any other government department...