Archives for: "September 2006"

Fixing Serendipity Atom Feeds

I have another blog, less technical than this one, which runs Serendipity. I was upgrading to the latest version (a task long neglected) when I noticed that my Atom feeds weren't producing valid XML. The problem was caused by some URLs which had ampers… more »

phpBB and Xaraya, Tips for Importing and Converting Large Databases

We have been looking at transferring to a new server and a new CMS/Forum system. Currently it uses phpBBPlus, an extensively modded version of phpBB. Over the years, as we've built up to over 80,000 posts, the performance has gotten wors… more »

IE, Alpha Transparency and Print Stylesheets

As may be obvious, I've been playing around with a theme for b2evo in the last few days. I've got it to a point where I was mostly satisfied with how it looked in Firefox, Opera, Konqueror and IE. However, I am using the AlphaImageLoader to make the PN… more »

Xara Xtreme

I discovered Xara Xtreme the other day. Xara have apparently open sourced their code for the windows version and members of the Linux community have taken the code and run with it. It is now a very fast (it runs well even on my creaky old laptop) and v… more »

Page creation from Yahoo! and Google

I've been playing around with the page creation tools on Google and Yahoo! today. This was mostly inspired by the fact that today is the first time (in about six months of trying) that I've managed to get into the Google Pages site without getting an er… more »

KDE upgrade issues on SuSE 10.1

I'm using Smart Package manager on SuSE 10.1 on my laptop, and I've enabled the suse-kde-backports channel to get the latest version of KDE rather than just the security patched 3.5.1 version. However, today I ran an update and, after rebooting, I could… more »