Links for May 30th

Microformats & Microdata ❧ (@boblet) - A presentation describing the two alternatives for embedding extended semantic information in HTML5.Tags: Presentation; HTML5; Microformats; Microdata; SemanticWeb;  A List Apart: Articles: Re… more »

London Web Meetup: Top 10 UX Gotchas

Review: London Web May: Top 10 UX Gotchas, Conference learnings & Traffic kickstarts at Hoxton Apprentice, 16 Hoxton Square, London. N1 6NT. 19:30 to 21:30With UX London in full swing, this month's London Web had a usability focus. Google's Geor… more »

Links for May 23rd

Snap: A Haskell Web Framework: Home - Snap is a simple web development framework for unix systems, written in the Haskell programming language.Tags: Web; Development; Framework; Haskell; FunctionalProgramming;  Font Preview - Google Font Directory -… more »

Links for May 16th

Adactio: Journal—The format of The Long Now - What format should we be storing our (textual) cultural artefacts in so that they can be understood in 10000 years time? Jeremy Keith makes the case for HTML.Tags: BlogPost; Standards; HTML5; Culture; … more »

Links for May 9th

Understand The Web · Ben Ward - There was a big hooha in the web standards world last week as, first, Joe Hewitt bemoaned the state of web development, then Steve Jobs took his feud with Adobe to the next level by publically disparaging the 'openness' of… more »

Links for May 2nd

Daniel Davis - The HTML5 <ruby> element in words of one syllable or less - If you've been wondering what the ruby element is for, here's a simple explanation.Tags: BlogPost; HTML5; Tips;  jcotton - A jQuery like library for manipulating drawin… more »

Links for April 25th

The CSS3 Flexible Box Model - The flexible box model allows you to have a collection of elements which completely fill a variable width container.Tags: CSS3; BlogPost; Layout; Tips;  Akihabara - A library for producing retro-style games using canvas… more »