What's the time?

Nothing too clever, find out what the time is (to within less than a second) and view a nice map showing where the daylight seperator is (requires java plugin). more »

The Generator Blog

Hours and hours of (nerdy) fun. :) more »

Eolas beats Microsoft

While it's always nice to see the mighty Microsoft hung by their own patent petard, I can't help thinking that, in general, the web would be an easier place to work if the evil empire were allowed to win this one. more »

Mozilla Pinball Theme for Firefox

This was (and still is) my favourite theme for the Mozilla suite - I only found out this week it's available for Firefox too! more »

Debian one more time

As there's a brand new release out and I have recently acquired a spare laptop and harddrive I decided to try installing Debian once again. The new installer really is a big improvement, the only downside was that I was planning to run KDE and the 'Desk… more »

10 Bad Project Warning Signs

All stuff worth bearing in mind... more »

Debian 3.1 Released

In something of a surprise move, Debian have finally got a release out (the last one was in mid 2002). I've never successfully managed to get Debian to work satisfactorily but, following my experience with Ubuntu, I suspect it might be worth the effort… more »