HTML5 Comment Forms in b2evolution

Following my post last week on HTML5 forms it occurred to me that I should be a little embarrassed devoting all this time to writing about HTML5 when my blog makes use of no HTML5 features. A quick hack around with the template corrected the DOCTYPE and… more »

Fun with HTML5 Forms

Within a few short months, about 40% of web users will have support for HTML5 Forms. The greater part of Firefox 4.0's HTML5 forms support landed in the nightlies over the weekend. This means that every major browser outside of IE now has some support… more »

Links for December 5th

A List Apart: Articles: ARIA and Progressive Enhancement - ARIA can potentially offer great accessibility benefits in rich internet applications, but support is inconsistent and patchy - can ARIA be implemented in a way compatible with progressive enhanc… more »

Links for November 21st

A List Apart: Articles: CSS Positioning 101 - An excellent introduction to the often misunderstood position property.Tags: BlogPost; CSS; Layout; Tutorial;  Styling Form Controls – WebKit - The new HTML5 meter and progress elements can be styled thr… more »

Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 - 50% Off Until 16th December

Buy early access to my book Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 and get a 50% discount for the next month with the code html550. Coming soon will be the chapter on HTML5 Forms, which should be pretty useful for getting up to speed in time for the release of Firefox 4… more »

Links for November 7th

CSS Vocabulary | Nimbupani Designs - Handy guide to CSS terminology.Tags: BlogPost; CSS; Reference;  Things Worth Noting About CSS Attribute Selectors - A good introduction to the various possibilities available to you with attribute selectors.Tags:… more »

Links for October 24th

video + canvas = magic | HTML5 Doctor - Combine the video element with the canvas element for fun and profit.Tags: BlogPost; HTML5; Javascript; Media;  Web Teacher › ARIA States 101 - A look at ARIA roles for describing widget state.Tags: Web; Acces… more »