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Hello! HTML5 and CSS3

If my blog posting has seemed somewhat sporadic over the last few months, I now present my excuse :) No need to post any feedback here, go to the forum instead. more »

Links for September 26th

jQuery Events: Stop (Mis)Using Return False | Fuel Your Coding - Many of us, when we were learning JavaScript, saw example code which stopped an event's default action by issuing a return false - it's quick, easy and works cross browser, however it may n… more »

Links for September 12th

PHYLO: THE TRADING CARD GAME - Studies have shown that 8 year old children struggle to recognise 50% of animal species, but can recognise 80% of Pokemon species. This game aims to fit real biology into the game mechanics of Pokemon.Tags: Games; Learning… more »

Links for September 5th SVG and Typography: Bells and Whistles - A library of effects to style text in SVG.Tags: BlogPost; SVG; Typography; Tips; - I've blogged about matrix transformations in CSS before, but I've never found a readable introduction… more »