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Links for June 25th

Thrust - canvas game - Another Commodore 64 games is brought back to life by the HTML5 Canvas element.Tags: HTML5; Example; Games; A Fourth of July lesson in the value of editors « Writing For Digital - Good editing, like good design, is often a di… more »

Firefox 4.0 Features for Font Fanatics more »

Links for July 18th

No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 1. The rant. - The first of a great pair of posts on the dangers of claiming 'We have HTML5 support'.Tags: BlogPost; HTML5; Web; Standards; Firefox; GoogleChrome; Safari; Opera;  No browser supports HTML5 yet. Par… more »

Links for July 11th

CSS Media Queries & Using Available Space | CSS-Tricks - A practical look at using media queries to make the best use of available screen space.Tags: BlogPost; CSS3; Web; Design; Tips;  An InDesign for HTML and CSS? – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents Th… more »

Links for July 4th

HTML5 vs Flash Drawing (JavaScript vs ActionScript 3) { William Malone } - Side by side and line by line code comparison of drawing an image.Tags: BlogPost; HTML5; Javascript; Flash;  Using SVG in background-image | Broken Links - A quick introducti… more »