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Doing Dumb Things with the Javascript Date Object

I ran into a weird (but, in retrospect, entirely predictable) problem generating dates. The code in question is supposed to kick in when the user is booking a resource for multiple days - this day each week for four weeks, this day each month for four m… more »

Prototype.js Ajax.Request: Beware of carriage returns in response text

Another in the long running saga "Dumb things Rob did with Javascript." I ran across a strange error in some fairly simple Ajax code the other day. Here's the code:function () {new Ajax.Request(urlTxtSrch+'&txtTEXTSRCH=' + encodeURIComponent( $('tx… more »

Hiding the Vertical Scrollbar in IE

Also related to my little signage project in the last post, one problem I encountered was the IE would insist on displaying a vertical scrollbar even though it wasn't required - and since I knew the exact pixel dimensions of the display I knew I didn't n… more »

Resizing the browser viewport

Today I've been working on electronic signage, to display meeting details on small screen outside of meeting rooms. The details themselves come from the booking system sold by my employers and the data is sucked out from the back end database by a fairl… more »