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Is your markup POSH?

Much like the cool name AJAX made DHTML seem sexy again, the standardista blogosphere has recently started pushing POSH as a new umbrella term for semantic markup good practice. I'm here to do my part to add what little weight I can to the meme. Not… more »

Fred Fish

I was saddened to hear today that Fred Fish died at home last week. I'd never met him, but his 'Fish Disks' were a big part of my Amiga infatuation, and my introduction to shareware and open source in general. The internet is very convenient, but getti… more »

Mugshot 1.1.40 on SuSE 10.1

Previously I produced an RPM for Mugshot 1.1.37-1 for SuSE 10.1. There's been a new release, 1.1.40, so I've built a new RPM (and here's the updated spec file). As before, you'll probably have better luck if you right click and 'save as'. more »