Archives for: "July 2006"

IE PNG Degradability

Found this today, tried it and it seems to work just fine. Not much good if you want to render the PNG on a patterned background (or on a variety of different background colours), but OK if you are just using PNG as generic GIF replacements. The additi… more »

Link preview images

Found this interesting technique for adding preview images to your links, I had a play with it and found it to be fairly effective. Interestingly it does capture flash movies, which quite surprised me, unfortunately it doesn't capture PNGs which makes a… more »

Slayeroffice Favelet Suite

A handy set of tools which work as a set of bookmarks in Firefox. Not completely reliable, I've encountered some weird redirection behaviour and javascript errors, but when they do work they're very cool. more »

Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount

I mentioned S3 in my short post about Jeff Barr's talk in London, I also said I'd post more about it in the coming weeks. To make up for failing to do that, here's a post by someone else about S3 :) Using S3 as the scalable hosting solution of the futu… more »

Strict mode bookmarklet

A handy little bookmarklet for telling you whether or not your page is rendering in quirks mode. more »