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Rails and the pngfix.js script

I've been doing some Ruby on Rails development in the last couple of weeks. I worked out my page design before hand, tested it in different browsers, and then encoded it into rhtml for the default application view so it would apply to all pages, and ver… more »

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Also on the front page, but I couldn't figure out a permalink. Warning, language is not work safe :) Edit: The link broke, so I've uploaded my own copy. more »

Apple vs The Bloggers

Not that I'm likely to be posting any trade secrets myself, or that a ruling in a California court is likely to offer me much protection here in London, or that I really believe I fit the definition of 'journalist' implied by the appeal court (which, no… more »

Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Having recently installed a few new extensions in Firefox I thought I might share my favourite ones: LiveHTTPHeaders Always nice to know exactly what content your server is pumping out, but this extension is really useful if you are trying to debug A… more »

Fglrx API Error on SuSE 10

Noticed today that I wasn't getting accelerated 3D on my desktop. This was causing a number of problems, the most significant one being it stopped Wine working. I tried to investigate by running glxinfo but just got a stream of errors like: API ERRO… more »

pam-login and shadow on Gentoo

I have a small partition on my work laptop on which I have installed Gentoo. Most of my work stuff requires the use of windows so it doesn't get used that often, but yesterday I decided it was high time I got everything up to date. I ran an 'emerge --s… more »

But we know what we want!

An excellent analogy to explain requirements analysis to non-techies. more »