Archives for: "April 2005"

Upgrading HDDs with Linux

My major achievement last week at work was adding a new hard disk drive to one of my Linux servers This probably doesn't seem like such a major achievement to many people, but the way I've managed it in the past is to re-install the OS on the new drive… more »

Upgrade to SuSE 9.2

Because it actually costs money to get the latest version of SuSE I'd decided I wouldn't bother updating it, just download updated versions of things I was interested in. I'd already manually upgraded to KDE 3.3 and found updated versions of some of my… more »

Ubuntu Hoary Released

Ubuntu have released their newest version this week. It should be possible to just update your apt.sources list, replacing 'warty' with 'hoary', do a dist-upgrade and reboot. I'm trying it now on my laptop - just waiting for 775Mb of packages to downlo… more »