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This is my 'personal' website, to replace my now defunct site on Geocities (thank you Yahoo! for terminating my paid for account and refusing to tell me why...). Not much there except for a bunch of philosophy essays I wrote a few years ago for some eve… more »

Opera Mini

I got a new phone yesterday (a Nokia 6680) and I installed Opera Mini on it. It's a browser, written in Java so it can run on nearly any modern phone, and only about 100k in size. It works by connecting to a proxy server which compresses and resizes co… more »

An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design

From 37signals, I'm used to seeing patterns used in (abstract) coding environment, but they are useful in a (concrete) visual environment too. more »

Mounting partitions in Gentoo

I've spent a considerable amount of time in the last few days trying to upgrade the kernel on my Gentoo laptop. I had most trouble getting the NVidia drivers working again, but I think that was mostly because I was trying to use the nv framebuffer drive… more »

XOAD: a PHP based AJAX framework

This looks quite interesting, though still at an early stage of development (quite a few of the examples are a bit unreliable). Given the large number of PHP enabled hosting plans in use out there I would think there are a lot of people looking for an e… more »

I was shown this site at the London Web Frameworks Night - it is built on Django and is the 'Youth culture' site of Lawrence local newspaper. Aside from being an interesting example of a web framework in action, it also features many MP3s uploaded by ma… more »

The Sony Rootkit Saga

If you haven't heard about this already then I strongly recommend you read through this and the two follow up articles before you go inserting any Sony/BMG CDs in your computer. more »

Oracle to offer free database

The biggest name in Enterprise databases is heading downmarket in an effort to snag all those young developers who are learning their SQL on MySQL and MSDE. more »

The sorry state of US IP law

Apparently SunnComm we're all set to sue a student who pointed out that the built-in 'auto run' feature of Windows could be disabled (by design) by holding down the shift key when inserting a CD, co-incidentally rendering SunnComm's security/spyware prod… more »

What's the time?

Nothing too clever, find out what the time is (to within less than a second) and view a nice map showing where the daylight seperator is (requires java plugin). more »

The Generator Blog

Hours and hours of (nerdy) fun. :) more »