Slayeroffice Favelet Suite

A handy set of tools which work as a set of bookmarks in Firefox. Not completely reliable, I've encountered some weird redirection behaviour and javascript errors, but when they do work they're very cool. more »

Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount

I mentioned S3 in my short post about Jeff Barr's talk in London, I also said I'd post more about it in the coming weeks. To make up for failing to do that, here's a post by someone else about S3 :) Using S3 as the scalable hosting solution of the futu… more »

Strict mode bookmarklet

A handy little bookmarklet for telling you whether or not your page is rendering in quirks mode. more »

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Also on the front page, but I couldn't figure out a permalink. Warning, language is not work safe :) Edit: The link broke, so I've uploaded my own copy. more »

Apple vs The Bloggers

Not that I'm likely to be posting any trade secrets myself, or that a ruling in a California court is likely to offer me much protection here in London, or that I really believe I fit the definition of 'journalist' implied by the appeal court (which, no… more »

But we know what we want!

An excellent analogy to explain requirements analysis to non-techies. more »

London Javascript Night

This was an excellent evening, not least because I won a prize! I particularly enjoyed Simon Willison's talk and also Leo & Leon's, as well as Dan Webb's DOMBuilder framework. more »

Jeff Barr (Amazon Web Services) in London - May 15th!

"When you think about Web Services you think about Amazon. And that's how good a job Jeff Barr, web services evangelist at Amazon, does! Speaking in London on May 15th, for one night only, we're fortunate to have Jeff presenting on their stable of Web… more »

Audigy 2 working in FC5!

Decided to have a proper go at getting my Audigy working in Fedora Core 5 this evening. A bit of googling led me to the linked blog post which in turn led me to the solution. Basically ignore the sound card detection applet in Gnome - it seems to disab… more »

E17 on SuSE 10

You can also get eyecandy for SuSE - instructions for installing at the above URL. I did have a small problem getting the menu generator to work - it kept falling over on ksim.desktop, but I just moved that file temporarily and it worked fine after that… more »

E17 on FC5

Enlightenment version 17 is getting close to completion - it is mostly useable as an every day desktop anyway, and it looks just beautiful. There is a repo for Fedora at this location which makes installation as easy as typing 'yum install' with a few a… more »