AJAX, not just for cleaning ovens

I purchased Ajax in Action this week (along with a couple of books on Ruby and Rails, but more on that in the coming weeks) and I have been doing some reading on the tube as a result. It turns out all the simple stuff is easier than I thought it would b… more »

London Web Frameworks Night

I have just returned from the London Web Frameworks night, a free event organised by folk at the London Perl Mongers. There were three talks, each discussing a different framework, and each framework was based on a different language. Here I present a… more »

Debian one more time

As there's a brand new release out and I have recently acquired a spare laptop and harddrive I decided to try installing Debian once again. The new installer really is a big improvement, the only downside was that I was planning to run KDE and the 'Desk… more »

Software Patents

This is a subject very close to my heart, I think software patents are a very bad idea, quite a lot of software industry people in the UK agree with me, and yet the government is all for it anyway. Software is created from language, and I believe it s… more »

Upgrading HDDs with Linux

My major achievement last week at work was adding a new hard disk drive to one of my Linux servers This probably doesn't seem like such a major achievement to many people, but the way I've managed it in the past is to re-install the OS on the new drive… more »

Upgrade to SuSE 9.2

Because it actually costs money to get the latest version of SuSE I'd decided I wouldn't bother updating it, just download updated versions of things I was interested in. I'd already manually upgraded to KDE 3.3 and found updated versions of some of my… more »

Cups-PDF continued

Just a short note to confirm that I tried this at work - a Red Hat 9 server I have hosting our intranet. I built an RPM from the SRPM available on the Cups-PDF website, which was easy enough once I'd installed a few devel packages through yum. Set up t… more »