StumbleUpon, Firefox, SuSE 10.1 and the Pinball theme

Having got into StumbleUpon at work today, the whole random browsing thing was quite a fun way to waste an hour, I decided to get it setup on my laptop at home. I went to the site, clicked the 'Get StumbleUpon' link and installed the extension, when I r… more »

Dual Core Issues

Everything has not been so peachy in dual core processor land since my last post. Although it seemed to be working fine to start with, after a random amount of time suddenly the mouse pointer and keyboard would become very unresponsive - lagging behind… more »

Dual Core Processors Rock!

Today I took delivery of a shiny new ABit motherboard and a shiny new dual core AMD64 (and, incidentally, a new power supply and 2Gb of RAM). I got home from work at 9:00pm and now, just over four hours later, I've finally got everything working satisfa… more »

Link preview images

Found this interesting technique for adding preview images to your links, I had a play with it and found it to be fairly effective. Interestingly it does capture flash movies, which quite surprised me, unfortunately it doesn't capture PNGs which makes a… more »

Rails and the pngfix.js script

I've been doing some Ruby on Rails development in the last couple of weeks. I worked out my page design before hand, tested it in different browsers, and then encoded it into rhtml for the default application view so it would apply to all pages, and ver… more »

Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Having recently installed a few new extensions in Firefox I thought I might share my favourite ones: LiveHTTPHeaders Always nice to know exactly what content your server is pumping out, but this extension is really useful if you are trying to debug A… more »

Fglrx API Error on SuSE 10

Noticed today that I wasn't getting accelerated 3D on my desktop. This was causing a number of problems, the most significant one being it stopped Wine working. I tried to investigate by running glxinfo but just got a stream of errors like: API ERRO… more »