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Links for December 13th

Developer Qualification - Google Code - Designed for professionals who currently develop or want to develop applications that use Google APIs, the Google Qualified Developer program can help you become a more successful developer for free.Tags: Web; Deve… more »

Links for November 29th

dantebronto's picard at master - GitHub - A Micro-framework for node.js.Tags: Javascript; Web; Development; Server; Framework;  Add-on Developer Hub :: Add-ons for Firefox - Documentation, tools and forums for Add-on developers.Tags: FirefoxExtensio… more »

Links for November 22nd

Hacker News | Some Sitepoint Article: How not to Critique a Javascript Library - Then again, perhaps Closure is pretty good code after all.Tags: Javascript; Library; Criticism;  Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript - Some reasons why the new… more »

Links for November 15th

SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web - A proposal to replace HTTP featuring lower latency, built in compression and encryption and allowing the server to initiate requests.Tags: Internet; Browser; Performance;  The Fedone Book | Waving Th… more »

Links for November 8th

WebAIM: Screen Reader User Survey Results - In October 2009, WebAIM conducted a survey of preferences of screen reader users. We hope that these results will provide insight to developers and cause us to rethink and better analyze development choices th… more »

Links for November 1st

H2VX - Online conversion of hCard and hCalendar to VCF and iCal respectively.Tags: Microformats; Tools;  What to Know Before Debating Type Systems - An introduction to the theory behind type systems starting with why strong vs weak is a false dichot… more »

Links for October 25th - Track Your CV online for free - Find out who's viewing your CV and where.Tags: CV; Jobs; Career; Tools;  Yii PHP Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development - A component-based PHP framework best for developing large-scale Web applicatio… more »

Links for October 18th

Becoming a Font Embedding Master - - Examples of cross browser use of font-face, including fonts in SVG format.Tags: BlogPost; CSS; Typography; SVG; Tutorial;  @font-face in Depth - Detailed explanation with examples of how to use the CSS f… more »

Links for October 11th

Titanium Mobile | Appcelerator - Develop cross platform mobiles apps with web technologies.Tags: MobileDevices; Development; HTML; Javascript; CSS;  BlackBerry - BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 1 - Develop BlackBerry widgets using web technologies.Ta… more »

Links for October 4th

Rescuing The Reporters « Clay Shirky - Should reporters become employees of non-profit entities to save hard news from the web revolution?Tags: Culture; Technology; Media;  Dust-Me Selectors - A utility which compares your stylesheets with the pages… more »

Links for September 27th

YUI Library: Storage Utility - Wraps various local storage options - HTML5, Gears and Flash - and provides a common API to all of them.Tags: Javascript; HTML5; Library;  Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Fennec – Let’s Build Some Add-ons - The Mozilla mobile b… more »
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