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Strict mode bookmarklet

A handy little bookmarklet for telling you whether or not your page is rendering in quirks mode. more »

Apple vs The Bloggers

Not that I'm likely to be posting any trade secrets myself, or that a ruling in a California court is likely to offer me much protection here in London, or that I really believe I fit the definition of 'journalist' implied by the appeal court (which, no… more »

Jeff Barr (Amazon Web Services) in London - May 15th!

"When you think about Web Services you think about Amazon. And that's how good a job Jeff Barr, web services evangelist at Amazon, does! Speaking in London on May 15th, for one night only, we're fortunate to have Jeff presenting on their stable of Web… more »

An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design

From 37signals, I'm used to seeing patterns used in (abstract) coding environment, but they are useful in a (concrete) visual environment too. more »

XOAD: a PHP based AJAX framework

This looks quite interesting, though still at an early stage of development (quite a few of the examples are a bit unreliable). Given the large number of PHP enabled hosting plans in use out there I would think there are a lot of people looking for an e… more »

The Generator Blog

Hours and hours of (nerdy) fun. :) more »

Eolas beats Microsoft

While it's always nice to see the mighty Microsoft hung by their own patent petard, I can't help thinking that, in general, the web would be an easier place to work if the evil empire were allowed to win this one. more »

10 Bad Project Warning Signs

All stuff worth bearing in mind... more »

Flash Search Engine SDK

I've been doing some work on my employer's website recently, we have a big Flash movie on our front page which I figured wasn't attracting much search engine attention, even though Google can now index Flash movies. I downloaded this tool and my suspici… more »
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