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Fixing Serendipity Atom Feeds

I have another blog, less technical than this one, which runs Serendipity. I was upgrading to the latest version (a task long neglected) when I noticed that my Atom feeds weren't producing valid XML. The problem was caused by some URLs which had ampers… more »

phpBB and Xaraya, Tips for Importing and Converting Large Databases

We have been looking at transferring to a new server and a new CMS/Forum system. Currently it uses phpBBPlus, an extensively modded version of phpBB. Over the years, as we've built up to over 80,000 posts, the performance has gotten wors… more »

Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Having recently installed a few new extensions in Firefox I thought I might share my favourite ones: LiveHTTPHeaders Always nice to know exactly what content your server is pumping out, but this extension is really useful if you are trying to debug A… more »

Jeff Barr and Amazon Web Services

A short post to say I really enjoyed this talk. Jeff was a very enthusiastic speaker and these Amazon web services look very interesting, particularly S3 and the Mechanical Turk. There were quite a few examples of sites using the services which we had… more »

Rico and Scriptaculous together

I did some more work using the Rico and Scriptaculous libraries today and I came across two things it might be useful to know: 1. IE treats the name attribute on form fields as if it was an ID, Firefox doesn't. It took me a while to figure this one o… more »

AJAX, not just for cleaning ovens

I purchased Ajax in Action this week (along with a couple of books on Ruby and Rails, but more on that in the coming weeks) and I have been doing some reading on the tube as a result. It turns out all the simple stuff is easier than I thought it would b… more »

London Web Frameworks Night

I have just returned from the London Web Frameworks night, a free event organised by folk at the London Perl Mongers. There were three talks, each discussing a different framework, and each framework was based on a different language. Here I present a… more »