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WSG London Findability Meetup

Review: Web Standards Group London Meetup at Westminster University, New Cavendish Street campus, London 19:00 to 21:00 Concepts of Findability (Cyril Doussin) - This was a whirlwind tour of the subject of findability, mostly based on Peter Morville's A… more »

Web Development for the Blackberry Pearl

We had a potential client which wanted to use our web application on their Blackberry Pearl devices. I figured "How hard can it be?", downloaded an emulator and got cracking :) I wanted to make the standard pages support the Pearl, I didn't want to wri… more »

My First Website for Mobiles

At work we decided to purchase a few .mobi domains, not because we have any particularly compelling mobile content, but to boost the web presence of our mobile product and, mostly, to make sure no-one else snapped up the domain names we wanted. However t… more »

GDD07UK: Building a Mobile Website

Review: Building an Interoperable Mobile Website at GDD07UK, The Brewery in London, 52 Chiswell Street, London 16:45 to 17:30 My final talk of the day was title on the signup page 'Developing for the mobile', which led me to believe it would be a discus… more »

Scriptaculous Draggable and Z-index

I was building a prototype today using the Scriptaculous Draggable object. It was a fairly simple idea, a set of 'items' along the top of the page which could be dragged onto a selection of timeslots below, the idea being that by dragging the item to th… more »

Is your markup POSH?

Much like the cool name AJAX made DHTML seem sexy again, the standardista blogosphere has recently started pushing POSH as a new umbrella term for semantic markup good practice. I'm here to do my part to add what little weight I can to the meme. Not… more »

What is our legal exposure because of web accessibility laws?

I spent just over an hour and a half writing an email after one of the directors where I work asked this question. It occurs to me that most of what I said in the email had some general applicability and there may be other people out there getting asked… more »