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Links for April 25th

The CSS3 Flexible Box Model - The flexible box model allows you to have a collection of elements which completely fill a variable width container.Tags: CSS3; BlogPost; Layout; Tips;  Akihabara - A library for producing retro-style games using canvas… more »

Links for April 18th

Orientation Example - Using media queries to detect viewport orientation.Tags: CSS3; Layout; Tips;  A Simple CSS Drop-Cap - Using selectors to target the first character and first line of your text.Tags: CSS; Typography; Tips;  Resolution depen… more »

Links for April 11th

Building sites without using IDs or classes - An experiment: Laying out a page using only advanced selectors like nth-child.Tags: BlogPost; CSS3; Layout;  CSS generated content techniques - Opera Developer Community - Although CSS2 has limited suppo… more »

Links for April 4th

An essay on W3C's design principles - "Why doesn't HTML include tags for style? Why can't you put text inside SMIL? Why doesn't CSS include commands to transform a document? Why, in short, does W3C modularize its specification and why in this particular… more »