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Links for March 28th

The hgroup element | HTML5 Doctor - Understanding the difference between hgroup and header elements and the implications for the document outlining algorithm.Tags: BlogPost; HTML5;  codedread SVG Support Chart - A chart showing the levels of browser… more »

Links for March 21st

Why websites shouldn't accommodate disabled users | Because it's good - Don't accommodate disabled users as some sort of afterthough, design your website to be usable by everyone from the start.Tags: BlogPost; Accessibility; Usability;  Website desi… more »

Links for March 14th

Sending Email From Your Web Site [Alex Reisner] - A nice summary of all the factors to consider if you're setting up a web server which will be sending emails.Tags: Linux; Email; Server; Tips;  Cool Tools and Toys for Web Developers - Some tools to… more »

Links for March 7th

10 unexpected online user behaviours to look out for - Ten of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing for you to take into account during the design process.Tags: Web; Design; Usability; Tips;  T… more »