Archives for: "January 2007"

Adding discoverable RSS feeds to phpBBPlus

Last week I added RSS feeds to a forum I help manage. It wasn't too difficult, or even that original, but I thought I'd document it here in case I have to do it again :) First step is to get an RSS feed set up. I used the mod - it's self… more »

Fixing ping in b2evo

I noticed that the b2evolution ping feature has been failing for for some time, looks like some other folk have encountered the same problem. I looked up the ping documentation and discovered they've recently unified the ping service with… more »

More little buttons of sharing

In an earlier post, I described how I added 'share on reddit' and 'share on delicious' buttons to my b2evo skin. Today I spent some time cleaning up and adding new buttons for Digg and Ma.gnolia. I noticed on Arto Bendiken's blog his 'sharing buttons… more »